High Precision Quality Assurance - Tailor-made and Fully Automatic.

Eckel & Sohn’s inspection systems provide you with full automatic quality control for your products that ensures that only flawless products are sold. Production losses due to faulty closures, are things of the past. Flawed parts are automatically rejected.

In every sense we adapt our machines to your needs. Form, size and configuration depend on your available space. If desired, we can integrate our machine into existing machineries. Besides pre-sorting machines, we also offer sorting machines for separating plastic and aluminium closures for recycling purposes. Furthermore we offer solutions for different stock holding systems.

Kameraprüfsystem von Eckel & Sohn zur Qualitätskontrolle von Verschlussteilen

Camera Inspection System EKTS

The passing sealing caps are controlled for completeness, exact form, correct assembly and screwing, as well as for material contamination by a special camera. Parts that do not comply with the set standards are automatically rejected. With the camera system up to 120,000 per hour sealing caps or single parts can be quality inspected.

Hochspannungsprüfsystem von Eckel & Sohn zur Qualitätskontrolle von Verschlussteilen

High Voltage Inspection System EHST

With our specially developed high voltage inspection system, faults that pass the optical inspection can be detected. Among others are holes at injection points or leakage by ring-pull caps. The EHST eclipses conventional quality inspections. The output at 72,000 inspections per hour is lower than the camera inspection system, but still remarkable. Furthermore, the high voltage inspection system runs practically maintenance free.