Highest Performance with Greatest Precision.

Eckel & Sohn plans, constructs and installs assembly machines for every industry needing container seals,i.e. for the beverage and food industries, chemical, pharmaceutical and the cosmetic industries.

Every machine is fitted according to our customer’s specifications and thanks to high-quality workmanship and progressive technology, requiring only low maintenance. Our extensive machine assortment includes all types of multi-part closures, simple screw caps with liners, over child-proof closures, to oil canister or tamper-evident closures. We manufacture full and semi automatic machineries, whose functions are expandable according the individual needs. If desired, separate labeling, video controls, hot glue equipment, a screwer driver and many other special functions can be added to our assembly machines.

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Continuous Motion Assembly Machines

Our continuous motion assembly machinery for the processing of multi-part closures, operate full automatically and achieve an output of up to 120,000 pcs. per hour. All parts are gently handled. The processing speed can be infinitely variable. The quick format change is another advantage that is possible with our machines. Our continuous motion assembly machines can, among other things, screw, press, crimp, rivet, test impermeability and fuse by ultrasound or induction.

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Indexing Assembly Machines

Eckel & Sohn’s indexing assembly machines are especially suitable for assembling multi-part closures and small parts. Non-geometric forms can also be processed. Depending on the type of the caps and the quality of the parts, up to 120 pcs. per minute can be achieved. Punching and fitting of sealing rings can even reach 200 pcs. per minute and lane. Of course, the more lanes used, the higher the output. The compact build of our indexing assembly machines not only saves space, but also allows for a quicker format change