Robust and Powerful Yet Gentle Handling.

Eckel & Sohn constructs sorting machines, that bring closures and tablets in the correct position and onto the corresponding lane, to ensure correct handling by the assembly machine. Wrong or damaged parts can then be automatically rejected.

In every sense we adapt our machines to your needs. Form, size and configuration depend on your available space. If desired, we can integrate our machine into existing machineries. Besides pre-sorting machines, we also offer sorting machines for separating plastic and aluminium closures for recycling purposes. Furthermore we offer solutions for different stock holding systems.

Rundvibrator von Eckel & Sohn zum Sortieren und lagerichtigen Ausrichten von Verschlussteilen

Vibratory Bowl Feeders

The sorting bowl into which, in vibratory bowl feeders, unsorted small parts are fed, vibrates by electromagnetic means. These vibrations transport the materials through different order systems to spiral lanes, until they run out of the sorting bowl in the correct position. Up to 30,000 pcs. per hour can be sorted, depending on the construction. Per lane, a tablet sorter can feed 1,000 tablets per minute. Thanks to an enclosure in an aluminium frame and synthetic sheet noise-insulating hood, the machines are not only relatively noiseless, but also according to IP54 protected from splashing water. The use of synthetic springs increases the vibration drive’s steadiness.

Scheibensortierer von Eckel & Sohn zum Sortieren und lagerichtigen Ausrichten von Verschlussteilen und Pillen

Disc Sorters

Our high performance disc sorters (HLS) are designed for connection to printing and capping machines with an output of up to 90,000 pcs. They are exclusively suitable for symmetrical caps with a larger diameter than its height (i.e. screw caps for bottles). Despite their high output, Eckel & Sohn’s disc sorter function with little or no compressed air.

Sport-Cap-Sortierer von Eckel & Sohn zum Sortieren und lagerichtigen Ausrichten von Sport-Cap-Verschlussteilen

Sport Cap Sorter

Through rotation and vibration during the high output production of synthetic caps, abrasion may easily develop plastic dust. You will not encounter these problems with our Type C unscrambler. It especially gently aligns caps and still reaches an output of up to 65,000 pcs. per hour. The “Duo Type” can process two different cap types. For example: a 28mm diameter beverage cap and a 28mm diameter "push-pull" sport cap. The sort selector carries out the changeover. The location, assembly and discharge height can be individually chosen to fit your spatial conditions. The transport of aligned caps over a long distance is unproblematic.

Sortierteilsförderer von Eckel & Sohn zum Sortieren und lagerichtigen Ausrichten von Verschlussteilen

Vertical Sorter

A further solution for the gentle sorting of flat caps is the vertical sorter Type SSF. It operates without compressed air, and due to the low abrasion produces no plastic dust. In return, depending on the cap type, an output of 250,000 caps is possible on a single lane. The ensuing flat caps transport by chain magazine or airflow, allows for a comparatively low sorter build and a flexible location choice.