Drive from Frankfurt Airport
to Eckel & Sohn in Gau- Odernheim

Our location can be easily and quickly reached.

  1. As you leave the airport, take the A3 "Autobahn" in the direction of Köln (Cologne).
  2. Change over to the A67 "Autobahn" at the "Mönchhof Dreieck" (motorway interchange, exit 48/A3) in the direction of Darmstadt.
  3. After approximately 5 km take the A60 "Autobahn" in the direction of Mainz at the "Dreieck Rüsselsheim" (motorway intersection, exit 3/A60).
  4. Change over to the A63 "Autobahn" in the direction of Kaiserslautern at the "Kreuz Mainz" (motorway intersection, exit 21/A60).
  5. Follow the A63 for ca. 22 km and leave the Autobahn at the exit Biebelnheim (exit 7/A63). Then travel on the L408 "Landstraße" (state road) towards Gau-Odernheim. When you get to Biebelnheim, you come to a "T" intersection. Turn right in the direction of the village Gau-Odernheim (L414).
  6. You will travel up a small hill and will then be able to see Gau-Odernheim. Drive completely through the village of Gau-Odernheim staying on the main street. Our plant can be found on the outskirts of the village on the left-hand side where our large parking lot and the factory buildings are clearly visible.