Metal Processing by Tradition.
Performance by Passion.

Eckel & Sohn’s roots go back to the end of the 19th century. A simple blacksmith’s shop was the cornerstone for the ensuing machine engineering. The Eckel family’s metal processing vocation has steadily evolved. The blacksmith became a fitter’s shop, then into an installation company and later even a garage.

From the start, the leap to mechanical engineering was a given. It began with die-cutting and insertion machines for the cork seals of tube caps. Not mounting but disassembly was called for in the beverages industry. Therefore, unscrew machines that remove caps from empties were developed. It was a short step from there to the production of capping machines. Soon Eckel & Sohn were constructing machines to fit caps for coffee cans, jelly glasses, oil bottles, paint cans, canisters and many others.

After some time, we concentrated on the completion of multi-part closures and were able to continuously increase the efficiency of our machines. The original output quantity of 18,000 pcs. per hour was almost doubled to 35,000 pcs. by 1995. In the meantime we can construct machines with an output of 120,000 pcs. p. hour.