Work at Eckel & Sohn is everything, except boring.

Precision mechanic work is very demanding. This applies particularly for the Eckel & Sohn staff. In order to fulfill the demands of our customers, new solutions must always be developed.

Eckel & Sohn is one of the leading customized machinery companies for assembling, sorting and feeding machines. Our machineries are among the fastest and most reliable in the world. This reputation and our own high expectations bring great responsibility with them.

In order to overcome this challenge, specialised knowledge, creativity and diligence are called for. Skills that at Eckel & Sohn are inspired by continuous training courses and further education. Additionally, every staff member has the chance to be promoted within the company. As we deliver to almost 60 countries all over the world, business trips for assembly, start-up, maintenance and repair must be undertaken. Task diversity is programmed.

A further Eckel & Sohn plus point is the pleasant working atmosphere. We want you to feel good, so that you work for us for a long time.